Supporting the mission means supporting you.

The Institution behind the industry’s best service.

From the outset, “InfoBase Publishers” has been as much name as commitment. Our mission continues to be set in the promise that competitive intelligence achieves its full potential when it puts our clients in positions of decisive advantage. That mission is manifest in our DACIS information service.

Designed, built, and perpetually honed to stay one step ahead of a constantly changing market, the DACIS intelligence platform from InfoBase Publishers collects, contextualizes, and delivers vast amounts of data, analysis, and insights to keep our clients ahead of their competition.

DACIS arms clients with a distinct advantage because it’s engineered and built for that specific purpose. Driven by customer demands and technical innovation since 1996, DACIS fuels success for those doing business in the Federal marketplace. Constantly pushing beyond the boundaries of information coalescence and usability, InfoBase Publishers continues to live up to its name and deliver on its charter commitment.

That’s Decisive. That’s who we are.

“Wonderful and rare. On a professional level, thank you because this is still the best source out there and I have used to train many “mini-me’s” in the defense/government consulting sector over the decades.”

“I’ve spent a lot of time using DACIS and rely on this tool a lot for gathering intelligence on the capture efforts I’m working on. The customer service and instructional tools and the DACIS team have been extremely helpful.”

“DACIS databases are comprehensive, so tech support is important if you want to work smarter. Fortunately, InfoBase’s Customer Support is the best!”