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The Power in DACIS

Information Briefs

DACIS Professional

DACIS searches out and makes sense of the massive amounts of market information so you can spend your time making decisions that positively impact your organization. Even better, DACIS allows you to share across your organization so you can be sure that everyone is working from the same information.

Dynamically updated with expert analysis and industry news sources, DACIS is the trusted provider of market information to nearly all of the industry’s largest firms. Experience DACIS for yourself and start improving your perception of the defense, aerospace, and government technology markets.

The core power of DACIS consists of six world-class interwoven information modules that generate more than two million easily found, easily searchable pages. The result is a comprehensive, spherical source of competitive intelligence that affords expert perspectives regardless of user role, function, or experience.

DoD Budget

Detailed, line item by line item coverage of all spending by the Pentagon on Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) and on Procurement. Integrated with the O&M information in DACIS Core, DACIS DoD Budget gives you a comprehensive, interactive look at Pentagon spending, vendors, and opportunities.


Published daily, DACIS DM&A constantly provides coverage of merger and acquisition activity in the defense, aerospace, and government technology markets. Transactions, buyer profiles, financiers, cash flows, and more, there is no better resource for those that need to be in that know than DACIS DM&A.


Turning the unwieldy into a decisive element of your business arsenal, DACIS FPDS Pro structures, contextualizes, and integrates the more than 85 million records in FPDS. Using powerful, proprietary Guided and Parent Search functions, every user can get the most from FPDS without all the programming.

DACIS Global Forecasts

Look into the future of military procurement with DACIS Global Forecasts that offers reliable and credible market forecast data for an array of military assets, from aircraft to man-portable systems.

Advance | C4ISR

Advance|C4ISR provides organizations with the effective capabilities to identify and pursue new business relevant to their specific capabilities in the C4ISR marketplace. Expert market analyses combined with deep search capabilities put teams in control of finding the right C4ISR business and help avoid costly mistakes.

DACIS Datasets

Datasets are seamlessly integrated throughout DACIS, enabling effortless, ongoing handling of vast data for precise targeting. Leveraging Datasets, entire teams can be continuously and equitably informed. Users can create, store, and share structured, intelligence-focused information that ensures consistent focus on opportunity and corporate priorities.

Decisive Discussions

Dr. Michael Santens, DPA, CPCM, Fellow, PMP

Best-selling author, Michael Santens discusses the role and relevance of Agile Methodologies in government contracting.