Enhanced Wrap Rate Analysis

The McNulty Group at Citrin Cooperman provides Enhanced WRAP Rates, unique competitive pricing analysis and competitor indirect cost benchmarking. These WRAP rates provide a comprehensive analysis for the competitive bidding entity, Operating Unit, Fiscal Year, Type of WRAP pool (Development or Services), and Location.

We analyze Plant and Field WRAPs to reveal G&A, Overhead, and Fringe percentages. Theses analyses break down into component parts such as Holiday, Vacation, Sick Leave, Insurance, Occupancy, Health Insurance, and more.

What sets our Enhanced WRAP Rates apart is their exceptional value. Each one includes additional Competitive Cases that forecast the WRAP to be applied in different competitive bidding situations. From Business as Usual to Strategic or LPTA scenarios, the McNulty Group can be your advantage.

All calculations are derived from publicly available data sources. No proprietary information is ever used in any analysis.

Available Services

  • Price To Win
  • Competitive Assessments
  • WRAP Rate Analysis
  • Modeling & Analytics
  • Black Hat Reviews
  • Market Assessments

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Michael McNulty

Citrin Cooperman, Government Contracting
Advisory Practice

Our Relationship with InfoBase Publishers

For years, we have observed that our customers frequently request us to conduct an Enhanced WRAP Rate Analysis of a competitor. They often reference the competitor by the proprietary code from InfoBase’s DACIS Companies module. It’s not surprising when you consider that both our companies support high-end PTW/Black Hat analysis. Therefore, the integration of DACIS with the McNulty Enhanced WRAP Rate Analyses naturally extended the offerings of both companies.

To make this relationship successful, we have ensured that each company can maintain its customer relationships. If you are a McNulty client or interested in becoming one and you come across an Enhanced WRAP Rate Analysis you wish to purchase while using the DACIS site, simply click the link and reach out to us or contact your DACIS account representative.

Similarly, having a library of the industry’s most respected and cost-effective Enhanced WRAP Rate Analyses readily available enhances the power of the industry’s most respected competitive intelligence service.

– Michael McNulty