The industry you know, and all the things you didn’t.

Decisive intelligence. The difference between knowing about opportunities in aerospace, defense, and government technology and winning them. DACIS provides the competitive intelligence and market research behind each opportunity so you can quickly plot winning strategies, outmaneuver your competitors, and find the strongest partners.

For 27 years, the DACIS intelligence service has addressed this very challenge helping organizations unlock value in the opportunities they pursue. Knowing about opportunities is one thing, understanding how to wield your company’s strengths to take advantage of them is another. Around the clock, tens of thousands of users at winning companies rely upon DACIS to drive favorable outcomes.

Discover for yourself why DACIS is the go-to intelligence resource for those who demand results.


  • More than 100 million records
  • Every U.S. government contract since FY04
  • All US government customers and companies from across 70 nations
  • 500,000 U.S. contractors, their performance histories, contracts, profiles, acquisitions, and joint ventures


  • Merger and acquisition analysis, advisors, and transaction specifics
  • Specialized information modules that go deep into specific market segments
  • Prime contractors, subcontractor, teaming arrangements, protests, and more
  • Opportunities including subcontract solicitations, MA-IDIQs, and re-competes


  • Drill-down provider rankings and line-item constructs
  • Active personalized data sets monitor markets, programs, and competitors
  • Interactive allocation charts that can scope competitor pipelines
  • Customizable Report generation across the grid of intelligence modules

What you need for what you do.

Deep. Powerful. Simple. Three important enablers to derive decisive intelligence from millions of data records and to construct acute translations of the vast government defense, aerospace, and technology markets. And yet, these are the strengths that thousands of DACIS users, industry professionals like yourself, depend upon to fuel their business success.

The unique DACIS opportunity and competitive intelligence platform does the heavy lifting to make the Federal market easier and faster to understand. With a blend of powerful analytical tools and insights from expert analysts, DACIS is fully integrated, easy-to-navigate system that help put you at your competitive best.

We do what we do so you can do what you do.


Integrated and structured from essential public and corporate sources, DACIS provides spherical perspectives of programs, contracts, task orders, agencies, solicitations, providers, joint ventures, predecessors, and more. DACIS intelligence is what you need for what you do.


DACIS reduces the time you need to find and make sense of complex, disparate information. The dynamic, relational views of information including government opportunity data, publicly available sources, and proprietary analysis, means that you get what you need  – FAST!

Decisive Intelligence


DACIS is designed for users, not just experts.

Intuitive relational views help every team member easily gain vantage points for every situation. Near-real time updates to help reduce the time wasted in manual processes to help you make the most of your resources.

DACIS helps you deliver DECISIVE results.

DACIS does the heavy lifting for you with market intelligence that helps your organization make fast and efficient decisions. With DACIS, you can quickly and easily:

  • Identify market trends and opportunities
  • Understand customer needs and preferences
  • Monitor, anticipate, and understand competitor moves

Learn why the industry’s top government contractors depend upon DACIS to help drive their success.