DACIS Global Forecasts™

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Global Military and Space Platform and Subsystems Forecasts

5,000+ Program Entries.

60,000+ Subsystem Entries.

$2+ Trillion in Forecast Value.

All in 1 place.

In exclusive partnership with InfoBase Publishers, Tamarack Defense offers subscribers best-in-class military equipment market forecasts, covering 60+ countries’ projected long-term spending for all major equipment and subsystems.

Global equipment forecast data is at your fingertips through Excel-based reports – with over 80 columns of detail – and via the new DACIS Forecasts portal, where data can be filtered, analyzed, and exported.

Built up from the most reliable and current information available, DACIS Global Forecasts – powered by Tamarack Defense – is tailored for precision and realism augmented by ‘derived opportunities’ in the outyears of the forecast.

Leveraging decades of industry experience, as well as state-of-the-art data science tools, the Tamarack Defense team generates high-quality and highly detailed forecasts. The result is market projections that are clear, reasonable, and ready to use.

Sectors Covered:

Leveraging a crafted blend of publicly sourced information, proprietary analytical methods, and the innovative artificial intelligence, DACIS Global Forecasts gives users a superior scope of market coverage and deep insights into the global defense industry.

The Global Forecasts Space component is a 10-year, bottom-up forward-looking analysis of the global satellite market. The forecast covers all Western-addressable defense, civil, and commercial constellations across a variety of space systems serving in surveillance and communication missions.

This includes SATCOM, data relay, early warning, navigation, meteorological, science & technology, and earth observation platforms, including respective integration, avionics, EO/IR & RF payloads, bus, utilities, and propulsion hardware.

If you are doing work in space, you need to be working in DACIS.

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